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 Luna Vermiculus University

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Aqua Strife
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PostSubject: Luna Vermiculus University   Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:02 am

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In 2015 the creatures realm of Romania has become utter turmoil. Some creatures are worried about humans finding out about them, thinking it would be best to nip it in the bud and wipe out all of the humans before they can attack and destroy them, while others think it would be a good idea for humans and creatures to co-exist peacefully.

Three sisters are at the center of this turmoil, Juliette, the eldest, believes it would be a great idea for humans to know about creatures so they can co-exist and not be at war with each other, the middle daughter, Isabella, is neutral in the matter, the youngest, Ophelia, believes humans will only bring destruction, persecution, and death upon them and their kind and she thinks the humans should die before finding out about them.

So, a war broke out between the sisters, finally Juliette locked Ophelia away in a dark place no one could find her, and she told Isabella that Ophelia had died in a cave in. But that was not the case.

2025, ten years later, Juliette's school, Luna Vermiculus, that allows Humans with special abilities and Creatures to learn and to co-exist together, is celebrating it's tenth anniversary and the students and faculty are excited. But there's a small problem: Ophelia. She somehow busted out of her prison and wants revenge on not only the humans, but the creature community as well.

Ophelia wants to rule the entire world, she wants revenge on them for abandoning her to her hell, she is out for blood and will not stop until she gets what she wants.

Here is our question to you, will you stand alongside her and destroy both the humans and the creatures? Or will you stand with those who seek to take her down and make sure her evil plot never comes true?
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Luna Vermiculus University
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