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Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:03 am by Aqua Strife

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 Hogwarts: Now and Forever

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Aqua Strife
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PostSubject: Hogwarts: Now and Forever   Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:03 am

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For many years peace ran ramped through the wizarding world until 2037 when out from the depths of hell came Lucian Nesfaratu. Maybe it wasn’t truly the depths of hell it might as well had been. Lucian came in with a vengeance for everything that the world had done to him. Lucian had one time had been a very powerful vampire until he was locked away in a tomb by a very powerful witch. His wife Maritza had finally found him and got him released.

Once Lucian got back on his feet and got his surrounding down he sought vengeance against Hogwarts to start. Lucian had broken thru the Headmistress’s wards with very little issue. He could not help but smirk when he discovered that it was none other than Liza Saline the famous Seer. She seemed to think that she forgot the debt that she owed Lucian so it was simple for him to come in and take over the school. He made her persuade everyone that he was needed to rule the school and everything would work out wonderfully.

Once inside of the school Lucian was able to cast a spell causing an eternal winter across the whole magical community. Once he had the country the way he wanted it he turn his sites of the school. He kicked all wizards out of the school unless they were of a suitable age. Lucian believed that students under the age of 16 were harder to control because they could never see the grand scheme of things, so only 6th and 7th years were allowed.

However, 5th years were also added shortly after. The time of vulnerability would allow for easy corruption or life altering events to happen. The period of vulnerability these teenagers went through made them fun toys to play with and alter the course of their lives. He also hated the idea of any of the old founders had anything to do with his new school so all of the houses were changed. He felt everyone was against him and everyone had to pay.

He had discovered that there were many people around that still believed in the old ways. That true evil should be in control of everything. He knew that Voldemort was wrong in how he thought. There were more than Pure Blood that could be evil. It took him years after coming out of the tomb but he is finally getting what he wants and everyone is right where he wants them. Lucian started to gather followers and the name of the group that he had decided on was called ‘The Dark Angels’. It was dark yet beautiful irony.

While he felt everyone, primarily those of the older generations who would remember him, were against him. Everyone had to pay, save the few he knew were loyal to him then and even now, such as the queen of the darkness his wife. He has gathered new followers and loyal tools or minions. He has a hatred for most of the world but the select few he believes on his side he intends to spare from his wrath. The world is his goal and the people upon it are the puppets in his world wide chessgame of domination.

Our question to you is, are you one of those ones that believe in evil and want to help Lucian rule the world? Or are you one of the few that want to see good rule again?
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Hogwarts: Now and Forever
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